Pre Construction

Working side by side with the Clients, the Libercon Pre-Construction Team participates in project decisions, carries out studies, Value Engineering, Cost Analysis, assembles schedules and reviews the best construction methods so that, at the end of the entire process, achieve and exceed the Client’s goals. Including availability and budget optimization issues, a primary pre-construction function, the dedicated team develops and delivers bespoke and unique products.

Libercon is committed to the punctuality and quality of the final product, and for this we understand that several activities are necessary that precede the services on site. The interdisciplinary relationship between teams, projects, planning, budgets and supplies is extremely important so that during the execution of the work, our team has all the information and resources necessary to carry out its activities with excellence.

Tilt Up

Tilt Up is a constructive method created in 1906, being widely used in North America, reaching 15% of the total industrial works. Libercon, aiming to offer a wider range of options to its Clients, invested in technology and today has in its portfolio more than 300,000 square meters built on this system.

In this constructive system, precast concrete panels form the entire façade, serving as structural and closing elements. The floor is concreted and used as a formwork for the execution of the concrete panels, which are then lifted to the vertical position and supported. After assembling the cover and locking the upper portion of the panels, the struts from the assembly phase are removed.

In aesthetic terms, the Tilt Up system offers greater flexibility, due to the possibility of working concrete walls with textures and reliefs. In addition, considering the favorable weather conditions, there may be a gain in the total period of the work.


Design-build is a method of contracting engineering projects, in which design and construction services are contracted directly with a single company, which assumes all responsibility for project costs, schedule and performance. Thus, it allows the construction company, designers and specialized service providers (subcontractors) to propose better value solutions for various construction elements before the project is completed.

This modality centralizes responsibilities in a single contract, minimizing risks for the Client and can reduce the delivery schedule by partially overlapping the project preparation period with the construction period (Fast-Track).

Taking full responsibility, the engineering design team is responsible for cost, schedule and performance under a single contract. In this situation, Clients can focus on the enterprise instead of managing disparate contracts.

Design-build brings together all members of a project team early in the process to identify and address cost, schedule, and build capacity issues.

As an added benefit of the system, conflicts between designers and contractors are minimized and the owner’s risk of design errors is reduced.

Fast Track

This modality has the same advantages of the Design-Build model, with an optimization of the work deadline.

Contracting in Design-Build with Fast-Track also centralizes responsibilities in a single contract (with the construction company coordinating the preparation of projects), minimizing risks for the Client and reducing the delivery schedule, by overlapping project preparation periods and the construction


At Libercon Engenharia, the human factor combined with the most modern management platforms make it possible to deliver packages for impeccable projects and works, reinforcing our tradition and excellence in the market.

For the management of its contracts, Libercon invested in the development of a customized system for its business (SGE), aimed exclusively at the Civil Construction market, which guarantees adherence to the different stages of the market, in addition to total control over all the processes: Budget, Costs, Planning, Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, Risk Management and Legal.

Aiming at total transparency, we created the SGE Client module, which allows contractors to access, in real time, all information about the works.


Use of BIM as a project coordination and 4D planning tool. Main benefits:

– 3D visualization of what is being projected
– Automatic extraction of quantities
– Realization of simulations and virtual tests
– Automatic interference identification
– Issuing consistent documents automatically
– Improved performance when executing more complex constructions
– Visualization of the Virtual Construction of the enterprise.
– Allows the use of other technologies
– Models stored in “cloud” in the “Trimble Connect” platform, which provides greater flexibility in the knowledge of the project.

Studying, training, updating and developing our own solutions, through the practical application of engineering, are part of our team’s daily life, since the market requirements, with regard to Technology and solutions offered to our Clients, are every day more demanding.

The basis of any constructive excellence is closely linked to Technology and the building methods associated with it.