We are Libercon

Libercon is an engineering company with over twenty years of existence and presence in several market segments, with emphasis on the logistics, industrial, corporate and airport sectors. We have in our technical staff, professionals with extensive experience and a management system that meets any type of work or type of contract.

With more than 3,6 million square meters built for important Clients in the private sector and for the main real estate funds and developers, we present 100% performance in our contracts and a very high level of client recurrence.

In each project, we integrate engineering, project development and construction in a flexible model, so that we are able to deliver maximum efficiency projects in each of the segments served. We serve each Client in a personalized way, adapting our structure to the needs of each project, from pre-construction to commissioning of projects.

Libercon has ISO 9001 and PBQP-H certifications and we have a solidly implemented Ethics and Corporate Integrity policy. In addition, we have extensive experience in works with LEED certification, having in our portfolio several certified projects, in the Green, Silver and Gold categories.

Libercon’s commitments are transparency, punctuality, reliability, technical capacity, sustainability and competitiveness in production costs. The recognition of our work comes in the form of certifications, awards, and mainly in the recurrence and recommendation of our Clients.


Building with excellence, meeting and exceeding the expectations of people and companies.


Being reference in the Brazilian civil construction market. Brand that recalls respect and trust.


CLIENTS as absolute focus of our efforts;

PEOPLE passionate about what they do, as the transformation element of our company;

Technical and personal DEVELOPMENT;


ETHICS AND QUALITY, buildings solutions and long-lasting relationships;


RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY with social and environmental issues.

Quality Policy

Libercon Engenharia, in the execution of industrial and commercial civil construction works in various regions of Brazil, seeks to satisfactorily serve its Clients and understands that attention and dedication in QHSE management – Quality, Safety, Environment and Health – are essential to ensure the company’s development, and are under the responsibility of everyone.

Our commitments are:

  • Meeting the expectations and needs of stakeholders through transparency, punctuality and reliability;
  • Ensuring the quality of services meeting the applicable legal and contractual requirements;
  • Providing technique and competitiveness in the execution of works;
  • Preventing safety risks and preserve workers’ health;
  • Appreciation of the employee through improvement, positively impacting Customer satisfaction;
  • Seeking continuous improvement of the QHSE System;
  • Promoting sustainability at construction sites.


Libercon Engenharia was born in an almost natural way. Supported by a culture of selling complete solutions, respecting its peers, clients, competitors and employees, the company has exclusive differentials. Transparency, quality, commitment and respect give direction to the differentials and essential characteristics for Libercon. For us, being unique is not an option, it is a goal.

  • Direct relationship with Libercon’s directors/partners (trust and transparency);
  • Fast answers through dynamic and flexible structure;
  • Sale of complete solution services, from design to construction;
  • Experience in pre-construction development;
  • Recognition of the Client, its particularities and modus operandi;
  • In-time monitoring of the progress and costs of the work;
  • Experience in various contract models, offering the modality suited to the needs of the Client and the respective project;
  • Dynamic / Matrix Management Model;
  • Corporate Governance, security and solidity;
  • Multidisciplinary;
  • Meets Challenges;
  • Aims at the complete business cycle;
  • Standardization without losing agility and flexibility;
  • Development of control and process technologies and tools (SGE);
  • Effective integration of different teams;
  • Structured Technical Assistance.

Awards and Rankings

Real Estate Master 2012 Award

In June 2016, Libercon Engenharia was ranked first in Brazil, with 1,143,584 m2 built between 2013 and 2015, in the first edition of the Industrial Construction Ranking, compiled by “O Empreiteiro” magazine, one of the most relevant publications in the market of civil construction.

Greening 2012 Award

The Greening Award recognizes the leadership and pioneering spirit of the entire "Green Building" process in Brazil and is part of a worldwide project by Reed Exhibition, in partnership with the GBC. The Green Building Council Brazil recognized Libercon Engenharia as a construction company that concentrates its activities and construction methods.

GRI Awards 2019

The GRI Club honors the LATAM AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE CENTER project, developed by Libercon Engenharia and RB Capital, in the Best Industrial & Logistics Project category at the GRI Awards 2019.


ISO 9001:2015

The objective of this international level certification is the improvement of a company's Quality Management processes, through methodologies and checks that can be put into practice together with the operating standards. To obtain this certification, the company must strictly comply with a series of requirements. The final result obtained with ISO 9001 is the expressive improvement in the quality of products and/or services that are delivered to Clients, which can even be used to measure their satisfaction levels.


The Brazilian Habitat Quality and Productivity Program is a national standard, which aims to organize the Civil Construction sector around issues related to the improvement of habitat quality and productive modernization. The standard is based on ISO 9001, but is only applicable to Construction companies. The main difference in relation to ISO is in the specific registration controls for materials and services, together with the elaboration of the quality plan for the work. With the implementation of the PBQP-h, companies begin to experience significant cost reductions and, at the same time, improvement in the final quality of their products and services, in addition to greater control over the production process and efficiency gains.

Corporate Ethics and

Libercon Engenharia ensures that all relationships with its stakeholders are guided by the strictest standards of ethics, transparency and respect for the law. To this end, we make available our Corporate Ethics and Integrity Manual, which must be complied with by all those acting on Libercon's behalf, regardless of hierarchical level.

Download Ethics Manual

Whistleblower channel

We provide our online Whistleblower Channel below, where anyone can safely and responsibly report conduct that violates the Ethics and Corporate Integrity Manual. The information recorded here will be treated with absolute secrecy, guaranteeing the anonymity of the reporters and security and agility in the investigation. If you wish to identify yourself, please inform your contact details in the message, considering that Libercon has a policy of non-retaliation against reporters. Please provide as much information as possible.

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    It is also possible to report over the phone:

    11 5111-8574

    The Telephone Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Service is provided via answering machine.

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