Program hands on

Libercon Engenharia established a relationship of transparency and commitment to building a better world with society and the market. For this, we created “Hands On: Social and Environmental Responsibility”, an internal program of engagement and dissemination of information related to the environment and to the institutions that Libercon supports. As a result, we maintain constant dialogue and involvement in the actions of Institutions and Organizations that are aligned with our business.


GRAACC is a non-profit institution, created to guarantee children and adolescents with cancer, within the most advanced scientific standards, the right to achieve every chance of cure with quality of life. The hospital performs about 3,000 consultations per year. It is also active in the development of teaching and research.

Libercon Engenharia is an Investing Partner of GRAACC and helps fight and beat childhood cancer.


The Pequeno Príncipe Complex is the largest exclusively pediatric hospital complex in the country and works for the health, rights and lives of children and adolescents. It is present in a pioneering way in areas such as medical care, with 32 medical specialties and areas of expertise in medium and high complexity health, hospital humanization, teaching and research.


Velho Amigo (Old Friend) Project is a non-profit association that since 1999 has contributed to the better functioning of long-term care institutions and directly takes care of around 1,300 elderly people. The institution aims to promote, through assistance and social development, education, sport, culture and leisure, the improvement of the quality of life of the elderly, as a way to rescue their dignity and self-esteem.


The Hunger Hunter was born as an emergency campaign in April 2020 to help people at risk or vulnerable by distributing food (emergency food baskets) and protective masks against the Coronavirus. The campaign grew, and after just over two months, and 200 tons of food distributed, it became Instituto Caça Fome (Hunger Hunter Institute).