Sol Louveira Distribution Park

Louveira - SP

The project has 1 modular shed and the entire structure to support the logistical operation. Located on the banks of the Anhanguera highway, the structure was built to accommodate the DHL Distribution Center.

The condominium is part of a set of Distribution Parks owned by the investor Hines. There are several projects divided into 4 Brazilian states: Amazonas, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraná. Distribution Park Sol Louveira follows a strict quality standard and was developed and built to meet the most demanding global parameters in logistics and distribution. Developed in the design-build system, the project had Libercon as a partner to develop the projects and execute the work.


Classification: Logistic Condominium / Distribution Park

Client: Hines

Location: Louveira - SP

Built-up Area: 56.830 m²

Conclusion: April/2008

Hiring Model: Design-build | Fast Track