Prologis CCP – Cajamar III

Cajamar - SP

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The project of approximately 114,000 m² has, in its first phase, 3 warehouses and the entire structure to support the logistical operation, such as entrances, cafeterias, parking and others. Located on the banks of Rodovia Anhanguera, in the city of Cajamar, in the interior of São Paulo, the project is next to Cajamar Industrial Park.

The Prologis CCP Cajamar III follows the architectural precepts of the Cajamar Industrial Park and the Prologis CCP Cajamar II and was also developed and built to meet the most demanding global parameters in logistics, distribution and sustainability.


Classification: Logistic Condominium / Distribution Park

Cliente: Prologis CCP

Location: Cajamar - SP

Built-up Area: 114.899 m²

Conclusion: February/2016

Awards and LEED Certifications: LEED Gold