Prologis CCP – Cajamar II

Cajamar – SP

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The Prologis CCP Cajamar II is made up of 4 warehouses and has a constructive differential that is widely used abroad. The Tilt-Up process consists of running the walls horizontally, raising them after they are ready, as if it were a game of building. One of the main features of the tilt-up is its structural function, it ensures that there is no need for perimeter pillars in the project. In Brazil, tilt-up arrived in the 90s and, currently, there are few construction companies able to carry out projects from start to finish. The project follows the architectural precepts of the Cajamar Industrial Park and was also developed and built to meet the most demanding global parameters in logistics, distribution and sustainability.


Classification: Logistic Condominium / Distribution Park

Client: Prologis CCP

Location: Cajamar – SP

Built-up Area: 236.953 m²

Conclusion: July/2014