Cabreúva Industrial Complex

Cabreúva - SP

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Leading company in flexible packaging solutions, currently has 4 industries in Brazil. The company is a producer of plastic packaging known in Brazil and abroad. In 2020, the construction of its new industrial unit in Cabreúva-SP will be completed. Responsible for the development of the projects, the construction and the entire installation for receiving the equipment, Libercon played an important role in this new implementation. In order to meet all the Client’s needs, Libercon was present from the project’s feasibility stage. In this way, it was possible to understand the project and present the best possible engineering solution that fit the Client’s budget during the entire pre-construction period.


Classification: Food Packaging Industry

Client: Zaraplast

Location: Cabreúva - SP

Built-up Area: 54.155,37 m²

Conclusion: Março/2021