Basf Stacker Crane

Guaratinguetá - SP

BASF, a large chemical products company, had its new, fully automated vertical warehouse completed in 2010 in the city of Guaratinguetá in the interior of São Paulo. The implementation of this warehouse was due to the search to increase efficiency in logistical operations, improving the speed of receiving and shipping products. The project was developed using the design-build system in which Libercon was responsible for developing the projects and carrying out the work.

With a storage capacity of 8,160 pallets, BASF Stacker Crane also received special attention to Sustainability with the adoption of strict standards to provide the lowest possible environmental impact, increase energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable systems such as natural ventilation and lighting and LED, reuse of water and choice of standardized materials and products. In addition to being fully automated, the constructed area of ​​about 3,000 m² has a storage capacity of 8,160 pallets.


Classification: Storage and Distribution Center with Stacker Cranes

Client: BASF

Location: Guaratinguetá - SP

Built-up Area: 4.159 m²

Height: 34 m

Conclusion: October/2010

Hiring Model: Design-build | Fast Track